The Blood is the Life: Book Three of The Redwing Saga

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Brand: Rose Avenue Fiction

Mary Kelly’s body is discovered, and a new Shadow arises in the east; a monster with a ravenous appetite for human blood. This ancient Vampire challenges Redwing’s leadership, causing fractures that erupt into civil war.

At Queen Anne House, the wedding day approaches, but treason within the inner circle threatens to destroy all their lives. Charles Sinclair continues to experience supernatural encounters, and Paul Stuart faces a test of faith. After considering suicide, Ida Ross finds a gallant champion, but is her protector more than just a man?

Mr. Thirteen escapes Castor Asylum, and a Redwing loyalist defects. Will their confessions help Charles and Paul prevent disaster on Beth’s wedding day? The clock is ticking towards a final showdown between good and evil. Who will remain standing on November eighteenth?

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