The Second Coming of Saturn – Official Trailer

A new age began December 21, 2020. The Great Conjunction―a meeting in the sky of the planets Jupiter and Saturn―heralded the Age of Aquarius, a new golden age ruled by Saturn, the old god who once reigned over a world of peace and plenty.

It’s a lie. 

In the latest groundbreaking book from author and researcher Derek P. Gilbert, you will discover:

  • Powerful people believe the stars have aligned to bring back the old god Saturn 
  • Occult symbols embedded in the United States Capitol that point to the return of Saturn’s reign 
  • Why Lucifer is Saturn, not Satan 
  • Evidence that Saturn was the leader of the rebellious “sons of God” 
  • The many names of Saturn over the last 6,000 years 
  • New research that traces this fallen angel’s cult back to Ararat―where Noah’s ark came to rest 
  • The identity of Apollyon, the angel of the bottomless pit 
  • The connection between Mount Hermon, where the Watchers rebelled, and the Mount of Olives 
  • Why this fallen angel may have been the high priest in Eden 
  • Modern cults that venerate Saturn and work to create a new golden age of humans commingling with gods 
  • Hidden Bible prophecies of God’s final judgment on Saturn and the Watchers 

Deep in the earth, this dark god plots and waits. A day is coming when he will be released from his chains. He and his minions will let loose literal hell on earth―a time when people will long to die, but death will not come. 

This is the true Golden Age dreamed of for thousands of years―the return of Saturn’s reign.

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