Gilbert House Fellowship #63: Matthew 4, Luke 4-5, John 2-4

jesus-canaTODAY WE encounter the Devil as Jesus is led into the desert for 40 days and then tempted — or, more accurately, tested. Thankfully for all of us, Jesus resisted the snares of physical gratification (bread), public acclaim, and earthly power.

We discuss Jesus’ first miracle, turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana, the miraculous catch on the Sea of Galilee, and the unique nature of Jesus as God’s only son.

Click here for the reading order of the Old Testament, and click here for the reading order of the New Testament in the Gilbert House Fellowship.

To access the archive of Old Testament studies beginning with Genesis 1, click here. For our New Testament studies beginning with Matthew 1, click here.

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  1. Love it Guys, I started the NT over. I come and go but when I have time I do as many studies as I can. Keep up the good work.

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