Gilbert House Fellowship #228: John 15-17

WE WEREN’T quite finished after all! Marilyn Abbott, who spotted our oversight of Deuteronomy 9 about six weeks ago, informed us this week that we’d also skipped over three chapters of the Gospel of John. (Thank you again, Marilyn!)

So, today we discuss Jesus’ final meeting with his disciples just before his betrayal in the garden of Gethsemane. This included his promise of the coming of the Holy Spirit, a prophecy of his return from the grave, and his prayer that the Father protect his disciples (and us) from the attacks of those who are in service to the ruler of this world (i.e., Satan).

We also talk about the concept of “the Name,” and we examine the epithet Jesus gave Judas Iscariot, the “son of destruction” (Greek apōleias), and its connection to the god Apollo, who was known to Mesopotamians as Resheph and Nergal, a god of plagues and the gatekeeper of the underworld. It’s not by coincidence that John identified the king of the entities in the Abyss as Apollyon, which is a variant of Apollo.

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  1. Someone once said :” The vine dresser is never nearer the branch than when He is pruning it. ” So blessed again by your teaching ! ! <3 <3

  2. Thank you for a wonderful, intelligent, and deep Bible Study that I look forward to every Sunday.
    I wanted to ask you if you have ever heard of a Hebrew scholar named Nehemia Gordon? Anyways he has found in many scrolls where the vowels are included in Yahweh. With vowels Gods name is pronounced Ya-Ho-Va.

    BTW, I never miss 5 and 10, and Sci Friday.
    Thanks for all your hard work, I love it.
    Mahalo from your Messianic Jew friend in Hawaii.

  3. Can you please address Noahide Laws and their possible part in the End Times either here or on Skywatch TV? I know they are not Bible scripture. I believe they come from the Oral Tradition/Talmud. I can see how the Antichrist could take advantage of these and how people could be deceived. Thanks so much!!! Love you guys!!

  4. Excellent as always thank you so much many blessings

  5. how can we download these episodes?

    1. Author

      Thank you for asking! There should be a download link on the audio player. If not, I’ll fix it.

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