Gilbert House Fellowship #244: Job 6-9

JOB REPLIES to the rebuke of Eliphaz and brings up some interesting points for our study this week. While admitting that God is just and all-powerful, the suffering Job still maintains that his complaints are justified.

We see another reference to the divine council in Job’s mention of “the arrows of the Almighty (Shaddai)” and “the terrors of God.”

Then we discuss Job’s anguished question, “Am I the sea(-god) [Yam], or a sea monster [tannin; i.e., a dragon] that you set a guard over me?” (Job 7:12) This is a reference to Genesis 1:2 and God’s taming of the forces of chaos, a theme to which Job returns in chapter 9, and which we’ll see in depth later in our study of this book.

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  1. Love the studies. Have listened to them all. Please stop saying ding ding ding all the time. We know who Dr Mike is. Thank y’all

  2. Inserting this observation here hoping you’ll see it. I’m reading Derek’s The Great Inception with Veneration next in-line. In your chapter on Zion, you referred to Bashan as the “place of the serpent. I was quickened to look at that area in Google Maps. I was not surprised really to find The Mount Hermon range ridge tops form a serpent with its head to the south. I outlined it in a photo but can’t insert it here. The snow at the time of the satellite pass overhead accentuates it. Check it out! Really must get to your study here but finishing up these two books!! Meanwhile enjoying the Revelation series immensely! Blessings! I’m already on your mailing list. ❤️

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