Gilbert House Fellowship #270: Genesis 41-43

Bahr Yusuf (Joseph’s Canal) in Egypt

ALL OF us have had a wilderness experience of one kind of another. For Joseph, much of it was spent in prison cells.

Two years after interpreting dreams for the baker and cupbearer for the king of Egypt, Joseph is summoned to make sense of a pair of disturbing dreams for the pharaoh. You know the story: God showed the king that seven years of plenty would be followed by seven years of famine. Pharaoh placed Joseph in charge of storing up grain for the lean years.

We discuss the reason that God allowed Joseph to endure years in a foreign land. It was more than just saving his family from famine; this was God’s long game to set Israel apart from its pagan, Semitic-speaking neighbors.

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  1. Derek, last year about this time, you came to Sanger California. Another well known evangelist was also here shortly after you were here. Are you planning on returning to Sanger in the near future? I sense something is moving in our area. Just a thought. We love your program [both my wife and i].

    1. Author

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad to hear it. That was the hope and prayers of Pastor Greg Crocker. We don’t have any plans at the moment, but we would love to.

  2. As always, enjoyed this very much. I appreciate all your insights because you have done so much background work in ANE history. Each person adds to my knowledge and understanding of scripture and I am indebted to them all. Sometimes even questions that are raised provoke a new understanding and certainly not to diminish anyone else. Your question about Simeon did provoke me to look up something – so because of your insight I’ll pass it along. I thought to my self – humm, I think he was second born. So true enough he was. This is a red thread that permeates the scripture (as you know) and I suspect that some of this was set up for Jesus’ confrontation with the leadership in Israel. Specifically Nicodemus and the fact that Jesus said frequently you are teachers of Israel and don’t understand spiritual truths. He was rebuking them for not understanding the significance of the second birth which was all over the OT. Blessings, look forward to the next episode.

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