Gilbert House Fellowship #289: Leviticus 1-4

GOD GAVE very explicit instructions for the slaughter of animals required for the slaughter of animals for required offerings.

This week, we look at the first four: burnt, grain, peace, and sin offerings. (We’ll get to guilt offering next week.) We note some of the seemingly random requirements, such as slaughtering the bull for the burnt offering on the north side of the altar, and God’s repeated command to burn the long lobe of the liver, the organ used by pagans in their extispicy and haruspicy rituals to divine the future.

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  1. Do you know when Tom Horn’s book “The Messenger” will be available?

    Do you think the Apophis incident means that the Rapture will possibly occur prior to 2068?

    1. Author

      Thanks for asking! It should be out in December.

      1. Thanks, Derek. Hope December arrives soon, and I can buy Tom’s book!

        …and your opinion on the Rapture happening before Apophis?

  2. It is commonly believed that sacrifices mean “giving” but if the word Korban is used for sacrifice, it means “to draw near”; therefore, in my humble opinion I also think of sacrifices as communion with God:

    “…it engenders compassion, never harshness. That is why it is Korban L’Hashem, a gift to the name of Hashem.” (Source: R. Shimshon Refael Hirsch, opening to the Sefer Vayikra, The Pentateuch Judaica Press, 1962)

  3. I’ve been studying the stones too and came across a very interesting video which was all about them. Another one is by Rob Skiba. Both very knowledgeable.

  4. Unpasturised honey has yeasts too as well as the sugar. Article here: Raw honey has not been pasteurized so it contains live yeast. When the moisture content of the honey is high enough the yeast will grow, fermenting some of the sugars, making more yeast, alcohol, carbon dioxide and acetic acid all of which will change the flavor of the honey over time.22 Sep 2015

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  5. Greetings Gilbert,

    I wanted to share a few thoughts on the subject of “sin”. I believe leadership in the church would do well to define it better for people.
    When I was a young Christian asked the Lord to define it for me. Here’s what I found in the chapters below. My life changed dramatically after this revelation.

    A friend and I recently had a conversation about the difference between the Law and Holiness. I believe that we can be closer and go deeper in fellowship with the Lord Jesus when we recognize our part in recognizing sin, confessing it, and perhaps making restitution for certain things done.

    Lev. 11:44 and Leviticus 19:2… “Be holy for I am holy”, and I Peter 1:16 “Be holy for I am holy”. So what Moses taught us, is the “How-tos” about sin in Leviticus chapters 4-8.

    *Leviticus 4 – Individual Sin, the Churches Sins, Leadership Sins, and the Communities Sin.
    *Leviticus 5 – Sins of Ommission (not speaking up when you should, not testifying about something a person saw or heard about), Sin of Dead things, Sins of Oaths or Swearing, Sins regarding God’s Holy things ( for example, using bibles for unholy uses, perhaps?). Making Restitution for Sin. We use this one in our modern laws today.
    *Leviticus 6 – Sins of Deception (Breaken Trusts, Broken Contracts, and, Stealing). –> Make Restitution for Sin.
    *Leviticus 7 – Sin of eating blood and Fat. –> Take Communion for Sin left behind. So many occult and witchcraft commit these sins.
    *Leviticus 8 – Aaron and his sons were Ordained (made Holy through these steps) to the Priesthood.
    Jesus is our High Priest forever.”Behold the Lamb who takes away the Sins of the World”. John 1:29.


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