Gilbert House Fellowship #295: Leviticus 19:19–20

SPEAKING WITH SPIRITS was strictly forbidden by God. This might seem to be a quaint and antiquated notion, but the fact that we encounter the prohibition three times in our reading today indicates that this was a serious issue in ancient Canaan.

Scholars are not entirely agreed on the meaning of the words translated into English as “mediums” and “necromancers,” ʾobot and yiddeʿonim. There are various terms used  by translators, including “spiritists,” “wizards,” “enchanters,” “divining spirits,” and “familiar spirits.” In the context of the culture of Canaan in the time of Moses and Joshua, this was a prohibition on the veneration of the “dead”—actually, demons—that was an essential part of Amorite religious and social customs.

We also discuss prohibitions on the mixing of animals, crops, and fabrics; unjust weights and measures; and various deviant sexual practices, some of which were encouraged in the worship of the goddess Astarte, better known to history as Ishtar or Inanna (or Aphrodite or Venus).

Child sacrifice is also condemned, as we encounter twice more God’s command that giving children to Molech was absolutely forbidden and punishable by death.

With all of the laws handed down by God, there was a purpose. And it appears that many, if not all, of them had been transgressed by the people of Canaan who were to be displaced by the people of Israel.

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  1. Leviticus 19:24. Today in Israel, an olive tree is not kosher and ready to harvest until after the fourth year from the time the fruit first appears on the tree.

  2. I have always been curious about the linsey woolsey thing, since that fabric is very popular historically where I live. I figure it has something to do with what the pagans were doing., and another way to stay separate.

  3. We also were taught to stand up and greet older people and I still have doors open for me today now I’m old. We only sat in the armchairs in our front room when our parents were out. Once my sister sat mum’s chair when she left the room and when she came back in mum said ‘would you jump in my coffin so quick?’

  4. Dearest Derek and Sharon,
    I have been listening to you for about 3 maybe 4 years !
    Derek you are my go to News update even if it is 24 hours late( Perth time for me)
    Love following your homestudies and that is my go to when news is depressing and serious study with Chuck Missler and Andy Woods needs a breather!!And some positive perspectives! Your light banter inbetween and then the other aspects from Mike Heiser and your unbelievable insights realy uplift my spirits Thank you!! Thank You!! would be buying more books but postage ceazeeeee have some Audio which is waiting for when I go cycling! Meanwhile I am still in September 2020 but should catch up soon!! THANK YOU if we are Raptured and we have some visiting time I will certainly be seeking you and Carl Gallops and TOM the whole skywatch team for sure !!Till we meet on the air or in the air! God be with you there in the “Ozarks?” love in Our Risen Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus

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