Gilbert House Fellowship #305: Numbers 16-19

WE HUMANS are blinded by sight. That is, our natural senses often prevent us from seeing what’s really going on around us in the spirit realm.

This week, we discuss the rebellion of Korah and Dathan, who accused Moses of taking Israel from a land flowing with milk and honey (Egypt) to die in the wilderness. The actions of the rebels, who’d seen God part the Red Sea, provide manna and water, and other assorted miracles over the previous thirteen months, make no sense without the whisperings and proddings of spirits.

Then we discuss one of the stranger sections of scripture, a description of a purification ritual in Numbers 19, the rite of the red heifer, and its connection to the movement in Israel to build the Third Temple–another example of trying to achieve victory over the spirit realm through our actions in the natural world. We explain why, if it ever takes place, this ritual will probably be performed on the Mount of Olives.

NOTE: New dates for our tour of Israel! We will lead our next tour through the Holy Land March 25–April 3, 2025, with an optional three-day extension to Jordan featuring visits to Mount Nebo, Wadi Rum, and Petra. Our special guests are Timothy Alberino, Dr. Judd Burton, and Doug Van Dorn!

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  1. You Both do so much to teach us, the body of Christ, along with everyone at Skywatch. I anticipate each week’s new study along with every other broadcast.
    As you have said, I now see The Bible in a totally new light, so to speak. I just want to let you hear this from me.
    I hope to go to Israel with you someday.
    Very appreciative,

  2. They may not have had as many people cursing them with big time curses.

    Many people have to curse you to kill you.

    If they were trying to harvest or plant to harvest, they did not have time to curse each other.

    Today many people have to earn a living but still have enough time to Curse their neighbor to death.

    If we only have a lifetime of 80 years, a lot of people have to curse a few, to kill a few.

    But if enough people can ask God to put curses on all righteous people, than if he knows that he reaps what he sows, whether good or bad, but with Increase, than if many people are cursing, and they get increase, they get maybe 900 years away from each righteous person.

    With Three Billion people on earth, they kill three Billion people, after80 years.

    years of death for the righteous.

    Now, if a few Righteous People Ask God to return curses cast on All Righteous Ones, than the Righteous Ones have much more Increase for the Righteous so that if all Righteous People ask for God to Return All Curses upon the Righteous Ones than they have a Better Increase, All Curses from All Righteous Ones Go back on all Cursers.

    About in 2007, I began repairing my house after a flood in Kenner Louisiana.

    Later sold house in Kenner and went to Baton Rouge to live.

    Wife real nervous about canals and would check water level in canal every after noon, scared of course.

    Lived in trailer Provided by FEMA FOR A YEAR.

    Than at time, experienced learning that We are cursed often.

    I visited a house where I felt a “”tickle” in throat”.

    I immediately recalled a man in military joking with me, saying I coughed him. Someone with him joked same way.

    They laughed and never explained what they meant.

    Forgot a about it.

    Than, upon recalling that incident, I realized I may have been cursed by someone.

    Long story shortened, I asked the Lord God, if Right and Good in His Eyes, Send the Curse Back on the perpetrators.

    That man next to me began to Cough.

    After that, For Every Symptom I suffered, I asked the Same Prayer.

    After that I noticed Many Characterisically Familial Symptoms started Going the way of that first Coughing experience.

    No more Pancreatitis, and many many other problems.

    Thinking about Disease in the Earth, and How Centuries ago, life span was 900 years.

    Why do you think that was so.

    Could this be why.

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