Gilbert House Fellowship #321: Deuteronomy 17–20

THE PEOPLE in Canaan engaged in what God called “abominable practices”: First, burning a child as an offering to Molech, followed by divination, reading omens, augury, sorcery, enchantment, consulting mediums, necromancy, and inquiring of the dead.

Derek argues in his forthcoming that these seven acts, which all involve contacting the spirit realm to gain influence or information, are connected to the worship of Molech, which was another name for the creator-god of the Canaanites El—also known as Dagon, Enlil, Kronos, and Saturn.

We believe this Watcher-class elohim is Shemihazah, leader of the rebels on Mount Hermon in the days of Jared, and is “the Destroyer” (Abaddon, or Apollyon), the king of those in the bottomless pit (Revelation 9).

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  1. Deut 17: 14-20: God predicted they would move from theocracy to monarchy and set the requirements, of which Solomon broke all these rules. He was so fearful at one point in his life he had 60 armed men surrounding his bed at night (see Song 3:7-8).

    Deut 18:18 also refers this unnamed Prophet (capitalized in the KJV) as Christ: Peter identified Christ as the prophet Moses spoke of (see Acts 3:22-26).

  2. Deut 20: 19-20: Only non-fruit-bearing trees could be cut down to besiege a city. The spiritual application is that we must produce spiritual fruit, and every tree that does not bear spiritual fruit is cut down and cast into the fire (see Matt 3:10 and John 15: 1-6).

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